A Brand New Year, A Brand New Baby

My new baby, 1 day old

Boy, has it been a while since I last updated! Many changes have happened to the Stout household since 2015. I’ve recently given birth to a healthy little girl, with no ill effects post-partum. I am stable and healthy myself, taking Risperidone and Wellbutrin–both of which I will cover in the next post.

My pregnancy was as easy as could be expected, despite my suffering from hyperemesis–which means I threw up almost everything I ate from day one to the day before I gave birth. I lost thirty pounds, and regained twenty. Still, Anna was seven pounds and thirteen ounces at birth, with no health issues except for a touch of jaundice.

My son, Ryan, is now a fiercely independent eight-year-old, finishing up third grade. I’ve completed my book, Committed, and am working on the second round of edits before attending the 2017 Pacific Northwest Writers’ Association’s conference to pitch to agents. I have also entered the PNWA literary contest with a stand-alone chapter of my book. Wish me luck!

As for The Bipolar Parent blog, 2017 is a new year, so I plan to update every Friday. Keep an eye on this spot for new content each week.

I hope your year has been as fruitful as mine has been. Thanks for reading!