Hi, there! My name is Cassandra Stout, and I’m a freelancer, bipolar survivor, and parent of both a not-quite-nine year old and a three month old.

Like most people, I’m desperately trying to strike a balance between raising my kids, feeding my cat, and finishing my work. Unlike most, I have to contend with a severe mood disorder. After my post-partum psychotic episode and subsequent Bipolar I diagnosis, I was crippled by depression. I had to test new medications, learn how to care for myself, and juggle the needs of a newborn–a set of complex and painful processes which I am currently exploring in my writing.

When I emerged from my three-year fugue, I was shocked to find few resources online for parents with mental illnesses. I aim to fill a little of this need as best as I can with The Bipolar Parent. My hope is that my experiences and research will provide some help to someone else who may be feeling as overwhelmed as I was.

If you have a question you’d like to see covered, or–better yet–a guest post available, please visit the Contact Us page. I’d love to hear from you!

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