Bipolar? You Can Survive This Holiday Season, part I

Here’s a blast from the past. It’s a little close to Christmas, but the information contained in the post is still applicable. Happy holidays!

Author: Cassandra Stout

Hi! My name is Cassandra Stout, and I am a freelancer and memoirist who blogs at The Bipolar Parent ( and at the International Bipolar Foundation ( My current project is Committed, my upcoming memoir that depicts my time spent in a psych ward after a postpartum psychotic breakdown. I am a ten-year member of a five-person critique group called the Seattle Scribblers. It's nice to meet you!

2 thoughts on “Bipolar? You Can Survive This Holiday Season, part I”

  1. Thank GOD I got through the holidays without mania or depression! I’m glad you did too, Cass!!!! Frankly, I was glad when it was over……except (on a rather superficial note, I know) it sure was nice not having to get up early and get 2 kids to school on time!

  2. Oh, the winter holidays are always a dangerous time for people who suffer from mental illnesses, and I’m so glad to hear you managed to get through them without any mood episodes! Hooray! Good for you, Dyane. I totally feel you about getting the kids up early, though! The school juggling is not fun.

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